The Modern Woman of today has totally disregarded her femininity. We have however, embraced whoredom. We won’t brag about being a wife, but we will surely boast about being a whore. We have become your mistresses, your side chicks, your jump offs, your WHORES. We memorize lyrics to songs about it, we look to the glamorized whore to be the best whore we can be. Sometimes our guidance comes from the Madam in our house; aka the Mother. We won’t exchange favorite recipes, as in cooking for our families making sure they are getting the best foodblack-women-2014 from OUR hands, but we will exchange sordid tales of our “sex“capades, we will tell you what position produced the most positive results.

We are VERY crude in our language, very sexually aggressive but use words like “sexually liberated“, to try to make being a whore more palatable. We won’t let you inside our minds, but it takes NO effort for you to get between our thighs. The most sexually charged songs become our anthems and our mantras. We cheer on Olivia Pope in Scandal and we root for Mary Jane in Being Mary Jane because they represent our whorish role models. They are us and we are THEM. If they win, then all whores can win.

Woman when will we become tired of being a whore, his whore, the rich man’s whore, anyone’s whore? When we will start to love ourselves, our wombs and the REAL power that we hold? When will we stop being pleasure receptacles?When will we stop raising generations of whores? When we will learn that teaching our daughters to shake their behind is NOT cute? When will we learn that teaching our daughters that he has to “pay if he wants to play” is grooming them to be a prostitute? Transactions aren’t necessarily happening on the corner, they are taking place in our bedrooms.

We approach you as a whore, state our fee, whether it be our rent or car payment, hell, sometimes we specialize in a lot of pro bono work! Then have the nerve to demand that we be respected. Who respects a whore? Who protects a whore? The only protection required of whore is a contraceptive.

We revel in our rebellious behavior, lack of love, self worth, uncouth actions, miseducated children, the fact that we can’t be corrected, our warped definition  of submission and independence, we have become hyper sexed individuals, and we will tell a man his presence isn’t needed but then quickly condemn him for his absence.

What appeal does that type of woman have? We want the man to elevate us, but how can a man elevate us if we are always found lying on our backs? If the modern woman thinks so lowly of her self, if the modern woman has placed her body on the auction block, if she has discounted her own worth, who will see her value if she is unable to see it in herself?

Who will trust her to secure their legacy via her womb, if more and more cases of paternity are on the rise? If more brothers are being handcuffed by child support cases? If more men are automatically tried and sentenced before he has a chance to even open his mouth in defense because the victim card was played.

Instead of asking who will  take this woman…maybe we should focus on are we women worthy of “taking.”

~Nojma Muhammad


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