” You can even call me daddy, give you someone to look up to” – Drake

Girls model their male romantic ideal on their relationship with their father.

If women form their male ideal from their father, present or absent, perhaps men ought to be more “father-like” in their approach to women. Typically, women choose men who are five-years older because they seek to replicate their own family, with husband providing the physical and emotional security as their father did (or should have).

Men should seek younger women who “look up” to them. Instead of thinking in sexual terms, men should seek long-term relationships leading to marriage. This is far more rewarding than casual sex anyway.

Whether they had good fathers or not, women need husbands for children, security, nurturing and direction. Men should prepare themselves for this role. This is the standard to which men have always measured themselves, and women still measure men.

If many women are looking for a father figure, are men looking for a mother? Possibly. But this isn’t healthy. Many men want a daughter-figure, someone who will demonstrate the loyalty, trust and devotion that a girl feels for her father. A man wants to be affirmed in his authority as husband and father, not mothered like a child.

Of course a man also wants his wife to be strong, sophisticated and effective because this makes her more desirable. But she should retain those daughterly qualities that he finds so attractive. When a woman trusts her husband’s leadership, she can focus on her feminine side. It allows her to retain her youthfulness and attraction into old age.


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