I recently saw the term “Thirsty” in a conversation on Facebook and it referred to women who are DESPERATE for a man as being “thirsty”. I thought this was an interesting term because water is our LIFE SOURCE. 60 percent of our body is WATER and 70 percent of our brain is WATER. My question is , have MEN and the consuming desire for a man taken over our bodies and our brains… to the point that we are THIRSTY ? Are we thirsty for men as if they are our LIFE SOURCE ?? Has the man “drought” caused us to fight each other and steal and cheat ? Do we drink out of another womans cup, bucket and toilet to quench our “thirst”? Thirsty dogs will drink out of a toilet. Are we any more discriminate when we will lay down with a man on a first date, third date, married, uncommitted, side chick, booty call…


Women, not wanting or getting MORE, you are Thirsty. Parched. Vagina wet, spirit dry, heart shriveled from the lack of the tender moist touch of TRUE LOVE. Thirsty. You are drinking Bleach. Its wet, but its not water. Its poison and you DIE more each time, a slow death. Its not water. A mirage, you THINK you see water and suddenly your mouth is full of sand, desert sand. Deserted AGAIN, Still thirsty. Yet, HERE is the part, the truth that YOU don’t accept, avoid…and try to work “around”. My dear, you need LIVING water. You need water that flows from the SOURCE of LIFE. Not sewer water, distilled water or salt water… LIVING WATER. You see the woman at the well had 5 HUSBANDS and a penis on the side and yet she was thirsty, until she got to the well and Met “THE MAN” Drink and thirst no more- Miss More Roses 


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