Social scientists are paid a lot to state the obvious. 

Their latest finding: Women in committed relationships are twice as likely to achieve orgasm as women who are hooking up with strangers. 

Kim Wallen, a professor at Emory University, writes, “The notion of sexual liberation … assumed a comparable likelihood of that sex being pleasurable [to both sexes],” she said “But.. the playing field isn’t level.”

That is so unequal. Can we pass a law to alter human nature? 

Another mind blowing discovery: Strangers aren’t nearly as concerned with satisfying a woman as a lover. “Indeed, young men surveyed … often admitted that they are less focused on sexually pleasing a woman they are seeing casually than one they are dating.” 

Hard to believe, isn’t it?


3 thoughts on “Social scientists are paid a lot to state the obvious.

  1. Interesting findings. It’s interesting that your first thought to a solution is the government to create more laws to dictate behavior. I realize you said it in jest, but it’s still interesting to me.

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