And WHY?

Are men as gentle with our feelings OUT OF BED as we are with THEIR EGOS IN BED ????????? Just ASKIN?


Why do you ladies LIE to these men and NOT get your NEEDS met ? Isnt’ that why your in that “position”…in the first place…to “come” to an explosive end to a lovely encounter ? Why do you forego your needs FOR his EGO… forego…get it ??

In my culture a woman is taught by her aunts (her fathers sisters) at puberty and throughout her life about men, sex and marriage. My amazing aunties told me very important lessons:

Try your best to practice chastity before marriage because your husband will have deep respect for you knowing that you are not an easy woman who can be had by just any man; however, when you are married be a “whore/slut” for your husband and only your husband. Enjoy sex in marriage and have lots of it. Helen Andelin puts it this way in Fascinating Womanhood in regards to chastity:

Chastity, your most precious gift to your husband 

“Now I’m sure you all understand how important your own chastity is to your husband. It can be the height of
emotional agony for him to imagine another man being intimate with you. It is the ultimate blow and insult to his
sensitive male pride. We must constantly teach our daughters this fact also. That the most precious gift they can give to their future husbands is their chastity. Class, never become involved in an affair. Never even think about it. Not for an instant. It might seem exciting to imagine, but adultery is a serious wrong in the eyes of
God. It shatters entire families. We will never, never find happiness that way, only misery. If any of us have ever been
guilty of this, we should humbly ask God for forgiveness, and never do it again.”

Never ever fake an orgasm because you are only robbing yourself from experiencing the most ultimate pleasure one can physically experience. If you don’t “come” just tell him plainly and politely that you didn’t get an orgasm and ask him to have a go at it again. Tell him what you would like him to do. Then ask him to tell you what he wants.

A book I highly recommend for men to read is this:



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