Never, never talk about any sexual experience you may have shared with another man. Even if your husband questions you about it. Assure him that he is by far the better lover, then say no more


A woman does not need to reveal to a man how many men she has slept with, you don’t owe him that. Most men lie about that themselves, most men will never tell you the actual number of women they slept with. So to all those girls who cry because they number might be too “high”; next time a guy asks you for your number look him dead in the eye and say “I have slept with as many men as you have women” and SHUT YOUR MOUTH. Don’t lie, just don’t disclose it because if he thinks your number is too “high” some men will disrespect you.

I’ve had women write to me regretting their past sex life and experiences. There are somethings in your life you will never be able to disclose to anyone except God Himself. A man doesn’t have to know about your wild college days. It’s okay not talk about your past sex experiences and allow him to love you for the good woman you are today.


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