Young people in formalwear flirting in the cafe

There are many books about the problems in relationships, but few books about how to start a relationship. We read these books about how to save our existing relationships because we feel we may not have any other choices. In many cases the relationships we are in should never have started in the first place, let alone continue. We stay with someone who liked us first even though we were not too attracted to them because we are afraid we may not attract anyone else for a long time, and then that person might be worse than the one we have now. You don’t have to stay in a bad relationship or settle for less than what you want in a woman when you know you have the power to attract one that is suitable for you. As I said in the introduction, this book has been written for single men. I’m not recommending divorce to those who may read this that are married. If you are already married you should seek Christian marriage counseling and engage in much prayer before divorcing. God can work a miracle in your marriage situation
if you both commit to doing his will, first and foremost, but remember, it takes two to tango, so with marriage. Both parties have to work at it to make it work. Like the saying goes, “It works if you work it.

Gen 2:18 The Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.”

Before we can begin anything we need to find a woman we are interested in. Where can we do this? The real answer to that is anywhere, but in order to speed up the process you need to frequent places where the kind of women you like congregate. If you want to find someone with at least some similar interests be sure to look in places that you are interesting to you. Churches and church functions, dances and dance classes, college classes, adult
not for credit courses, support groups (we can all use some support, even the best of us) restaurants, shopping malls, schools, grocery stores, fairs and festivals, health clubs, weddings, and anywhere that there is at least one unmarried woman.
The best place though is probably a Christian singles group. Find a church that has a large one and get involved in helping. It doesn’t matter what you do, set up,help serve snacks, clean up, or any other job. Working with a Christian singles group will enable you to meet the best women. The ones who are committed to Christ and involved in church work. It also gives you the opportunity to meet
everyone who comes through the door. A great job is to be the greeter. That way you meet everyone. If you are a Christian man I suggest that a Christian singles group should be #1 on your list for finding a good wife.
Be careful though, make sure the woman you ultimately choose to marry is fully committed to Christ, not one who is just husband hunting. A woman like that may “Lose her Religion” once the ceremony takes place. Then you will be in a world of hurt. Make sure the woman you choose was and is active in the church as a part of her normal lifestyle, with or without a man in her life. A woman who is fully committed to the Lord will be fully committed to you, if she is following God’s will.
When you are in a social situation and have the opportunity to meet new ladies, make a game of it for yourself. Every time you go somewhere and are near enough to talk to a woman, try to meet her. Find out if she is single. Even if you can tell already that you are not interested in her, who knows, perhaps she might have a friend who is just your type. Talk to everyone, be friendly, even to women you are not initially attracted to. Your future happiness may depend on it. Practice makes perfect, so have fun practicing talking to and understanding women. What could be a better, more fun, and cheaper hobby than that?


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