Angry woman

The rewards go to the risk takers, accept the risk of rejection and begin reaping the rewards today!!!

Proverbs 27:5 NIV better is open rebuke than hidden love.
Prov. 27:5 KJV Open rebuke is better than secret love.

Even the bible says its better to face rejection than to go through life pining away after someone who doesn’t want or need you. And, if you don’t express your feelings in an open and outright manner how will you ever know what might have happened? Like the poem states, sadder words were never penned, than oh, what might have been.
It’s better to get things out in the open and if rejection occurs move on to something else. Who knows, maybe she will treat you so badly you won’t even
like her anymore. At any rate, why waste any more precious seconds of your life span chasing after someone who has no interest in you at the moment. Of the six billion people in the world more than 3 billion are women. There is one for every
man and plenty to spare because women live longer than men. So don’t despair, get your fair share. Not really, just one will do. It just happened to rhyme.
Women are more likely to reject men because they are nervous, clumsy, boring or stupid, rather than because of looks. The most attractive features a human being
can possess are confidence and strength of personality.
You must begin to see rejection as part of the process. In the same way a vacuum cleaner salesman knew that for every nine doors slammed in his face, he would make one sale, take Every rejection to mean that you are rapidly closing in on success. So don’t take it personally. Just remember, every “no” brings you that much closer to a “yes.” Failure is just a rest area on the highway to success.
Let me give you some biblical encouragement concerning rejection. We are in the end times, the latter days, as they are called in the bible. If you don’t believe it read “Countdown to 6000,” and you should be convinced. According to the bible, in the end times there will be a shortage of men. There will be such a lack of manpower that seven women will want to marry one man just so they can say that they have a husband. They will even volunteer to support themselves.

(Isa 4:1 NCV) At that time seven women will grab one man and say, “We will eat our own bread and make our own clothes, but please marry us! Please, take away our shame.”

Since this is what’s going to happen you shouldn’t have any problem just finding just one whom you will support. And remember, you are doing your lady of
choice a favor by marrying her now. Otherwise she might have to be in one of those groups of seven women who are begging to marry one man. You are saving her from a horrible fate, so rejoice men! You are doing a great service to a woman by being available to go out on a date with her, with the possibility of romance and marriage in the future if she treats you right. If she is a wise bible believing
Christian lady, she should surely appreciate it.


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