He won’t use condoms, you use pills… why? Because he wants it natural? (think of ovarian cancer and infertility )
He gets u pregnant, you have aborted like 5 times….why?
Because he is not ready!.GROW UP
He is tired of natural place for copulation He moves to your ass Saying its tighter
Then youu begin to lick n smell and eat it kike groceries….why? Because you want to please and not loose him…GROW UP PLIZ
You have been wearing his engagement ring for close to 4yrs, He is not wearing any …why? Because he has promised you marriage.
*He wants a Blow job Yet he won’t give u head …..why?..Cos he feels you are not so clean “there”..GROW UP MY SISTER.
You dress half naked thinking you look sexy n Hot, He isn’t complaining But he has more cloths on.. Don’t be surprised when he takes a more decent girl home…GROW UP LADY..
A guy dumps you, you wanna pay him back and all you could do is to sleep with his friends?
…and you think this is pay back? like seriously??? MY SISTER GROW UP..
You think getting pregnant for him will make him marry you?…GROW UP GIRL.. You will become a single mama with No Job No means for feeding your Baby and yourself so… U leave junior with Grandma n You go back to the Hustling field ”
Then you begin to say……….. MEN Are Wicked, Men are dogs! Whose fault?

Please ladies,be wise! U know u deserve better than this… Don’t always be at the loosing end!!!

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