19991_1498836570411435_3665372756583622520_nThis is for the single ladies. My single DIAMONDS who have been alone for a very long time. Perhaps you have not had a date in awhile. You probably have not had a significant relationship in awhile. Do you want to know why ? “You Are JUST TOO MUCH”…

Too Virtuous for the guys who are all about SEX

Too Purposeful for the men with no ambition and no passion for life to drive them to success

Too Self Confident for the PLAYERS and Married men who try to run game and get you to SETTLE….

Too Classy for men who don’t understand chivalry and courtship

Too Intelligent for men who can’t hold a conversation about things of depth

Too Spiritual for a man who doesn’t know GOD….

Too Successful for any man who has no plan to provide for himself and a family, when you already do BOTH alone….

You are by yourself in this Season because, well, GIRL you are JUST TOO MUCH of a GOOD THING. YOU DESERVE MORE. MORE IS RARE….so NEVER ever get weary or discouraged…waiting for the man that is YOUR MORE than ENOUGH. You are too much to settle for a “just enough, ain’t enough” kind of guy. Miss More Roses


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