There are all types of things that happen in our bodies naturally, like urinating and defecating, that we have sanitary solutions for. We put diapers on babies to catch these natural flows. We are taught to evacuate in proper places for sanitation purposes as well as to protect our clothes. “Animals urinate, defecate, and bleed all over themselves and each other. We generally would like to think we’re above that kind of behavior. But not in the case of Feminists, it would seem. It’s apparent to anyone with an ounce of intelligence, that the Feminist’s true motive is to set the progress of our species backwards, not forward.”

A runny nose is natural. A tissue or handkerchief is the preferred method of dealing with the trailing mucous. No one wants to be around someone with snot hanging out of his/her nose.

What’s “natural” is not always a sought after normative state for humans. We were born into this world naked. Should we shun clothing, shelters, heat, modern transportation devices? God gave us feet, so why do we need automobiles?

Consistent feminism is impossible. The only way their new trends will gain cultural traction is by the force of law. That’s what scares me.



  1. I identify as a feminist, but this was a bit extreme for me as well. Either way, they did have a point. Women already face all kinds of discrimination irrespective of race or creed. To pay additional tax for sanitary items only women would need would not be fair at all.

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