I didn’t even watch that lemonade foolishness beyond 20 minutes before I shut it off. LOL. Let me give you the raw breakdown of what it’s about and why I shut it off. She is ranting and raving about feeling cheated on and unappreciated. She hilariously boasted about Jay Z having the hottest chick in the game in between the sheets (referring to herself) and basically said how the other chicks only started being more on him because he has her by his side. LOL. She also was strutting through the streets in yellow swinging that bat like she gangsta and talking about fighting a female over her man.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
The whole thing annoyed me and kept making me laugh because she is so confused and genuinely oblivious to the fact that being the hottest chick in the game, being popular and between the sheets interaction is not enough to build a genuine bond and is definitely not enough of a reason for a man to be interested in only you. The thing that makes me laugh is you can’t be predominantly attracted to each other on the surface shallow level and then be surprised when you don’t have a deep connection. Beyonce and Jay Z always bragged about each other’s status and outer facade. He always bragged on being into her because she was the hottest chick in the game, because of her popularity and looks. You can also tell business wise he knew a popular beautiful woman would upgrade him and open up more doors that he wouldn’t have been able to enter alone, all wise men know that and there is no doubt that Jay Z has been strategically wise for a very long time. I don’t even think he kept it a secret that he was into her for those hyped up reasons and from the ways she described him early on in their announcement’s of being a couple, she was into him for shallow reasons as well. She liked his thugged out persona, she wanted the popular industry rapper with that edge and street cred. I also think they felt like they were friends who could stunt and show out together, relate to each other about all their shallow shenanigans. She always declared she had someone to keep her grounded. He got with her when she was very naive and he is clearly the more clever one. Look and listen to the way she still in the lemonade video describes herself in the shallowest ways and expects that’s enough to keep a relationship going.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Side note to women: Leave the illusions alone of thinking it’s enough to think you are the most attractive one on the planet, the most popular one, a novelty. Creole, mixed, exotic. lol. Cook the best meals, have the wildest drunk in love sex game, walk around in heels all day. What always makes me squint my eyes at many women is I never hear most expressing about communication skills. An inner connection with the man, mutually being drawn to each other beyond the surface, baring souls and sharing the deepest thoughts. Genuinely being best friends beyond outer looks, beyond the outer facade about who is viewed as popular, cool, successful. That’s why I had to turn the lemonade video off at the 20 minute mark, the low frequency and predictable dynamic was giving me a headache and kept making me laugh. I will not tell a lie, she has never came across like she has good communication skills and for most of her career it’s reflected in how they never used to even let her talk. They wanted her to be seen and heard in the music only. She might be only interested in him, but to me it’s very obvious that he wouldn’t view her as particularly interesting and unique. It might sound harsh, but that’s the raw reality. Each individual woman and man, should have a genuine connection beyond the surface or else don’t be too surprised that it’s just a surface level matrix world relationship.


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