The FAMILY is the FOUNDATION of every society on earth, and MARRIAGE is the legal, moral, and spiritual COMMITMENT a man and woman make to raise their children within the protection of a stable, committed home. Unfortunately, some blacks feel a lifetime commitment is too old-fashioned, too confining, and totally unnecessary for bringing children into the world. This belief is illogical for three reasons: If a black male and female cannot commit to staying together, it is unlikely they can or will commit to raising mentally sane black children. The end result is uncommitted, disconnected baby mommas and daddies, broken children, broken families, and a broken nation. The traditional MARRIAGE model adopted by the MOST SUCCESSFUL ETHNIC GROUPS in America is being rejected by the LEAST SUCCESSFUL ETHNIC GROUP in America (blacks). It is impossible to build strong business/economic bases without building strong communities. Strong communities require strong families. Strong families require strong men and women who are COMMITTED to raising their children UNDER ONE ROOF. We cannot build strong black families, communities, or strong business bases until we end Black Gender Wars. ~ Umoja (Black Love Is A Revolutionary Act)


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