Raped by Rap: We dance to the sounds of degradation. Our hips sway to the beat of sexual exploitation. We clap to the rhythm of raunchy lascivious lyrics. Musically verbally abused we dance to our own demise. Raped, robbed of our universal image of dignity and regal presence by men who call themselves rappers, spit venom And yet we still DANCE. Dance Nigga Dance, Dance Bitch Dance.mindless puppets on a string of lies. Miss More Roses

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Each Black woman who makes a conscious choice to be out on the floor dancing and singing to this entertainment must realize that they are the ones who are being degraded by these lyrics. The rapper belting forth his latest hit is not going to mention you by name, but the message he’s sending out is that all Black women are the same, and should be treated the same. They may very well say they are only referring to the gold-digging groupies and strippers out there. However, their depiction of women is often one-dimensional and leaves its audience with no other option but to view all Black women in that one way. So, if you, as a Black woman, think that the labels, “b-tch”and “ho”are only relegated to the women in the videos, you’re naïve and sadly mistaken. These derogatory terms are aimed at you, whether or not you want to acknowledge it.


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