A healthy woman who stays home to nurture her family, will take that as seriously as she knows how to, and when you know better, you do better! Any working woman can offer the basics: minimal cooking, cleaning, sex & neat children. Certified wives know how to get to the depths of feminine nurturing…the emotional, spiritual, moral, success, integrity, legacy, growth, etc of her family!


Adore your black woman, don’t work her like a man! Slavery is over, and our women are not men. Know the benefits of the housewife/mother?


You might not know these benefits, because you didn’t have a full time house mother…you might even think that the stay home wife/mother is useless without bringing in money. Here are just 12 of her gifts:

1. Corrects children about every 5 minutes…this is called raising children in most parts of the world.

2. Teaches sons & daughters that family unity & warmth comes first.

3. Keeps everyone physically & emotionally healthy.

4. Has enough energy for daily sex.

5. Has enough energy to be happy.

6. If knows her duties well, will be busy all day at home organizing, cleaning, cooking, planning, bringing warmth, and uplifting everyone’s self esteem.

7. Teaches her wisdom & how to properly live, love, eat, manage finances, and grow mentally, emotionally & spiritually.

8. Nurtures everyone’s goals & overall success.

9. Is the temperament of the calm of the home & the manager of happiness.

10. Affects husband so greatly that he can make much more money in less time.

11. Models to sons and daughters how to secure the next generation in a super quality lifestyle of tradition and success.

12. Can stay feminine enough (because working is a masculine act) to stay soft and beautiful enough to continue nurturing at a high level.



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