Being a nagging, complaining, demanding wife that no healthy man wants to come home to, is NOT normal, it’s a dysfunctional habit. Certified Wives know how to create home environments that are warm, peaceful, and inviting. When our husband gets home, we drop everything and greet him properly!…

The feminine wife VS. The masculine wife…

Being a GOOD mother and wife is a full time job. A good mother & wife’s job description includes (but isn’t limited to): time management, energy & patience, home education or homework, self esteem nurturing, household peace, looking good, affective communication, cooking, upholding family integrity, cleaning, success fostering, organizing, sex, cuddles, dinner table time, appreciation of arts & culture, CORRECTING AND TEACHING CHILDREN ABOUT EVERY 5 MINUTES, and more!!! Realistically, she can’t work full time and do all of this, unless the small business is at home. If women wouldn’t spend money, this and more could all be possible.

Instead, we all think we need two incomes, so many women work a lot, and now have become “The Masculine Woman”. The masculine woman wants a man who she can control, play dress up with, and disrespect overall. She wants to trick him into marriage, then, will unconsciously tame down his masculinity to feel safe. She wants him to adore her, but will settle for the APPEARANCE of being adored, so that her friends might admire her. She will enjoy publicly displaying her dominance over her man, and will also use him for sex, babysitting, shallow wife status, and to pay bills.

While the husband entered marriage to build a generationally strong lineage, the masculine woman hardly ever once thinks of her family’s future past the next few years; but she will often think of what SHE wants now. These wants will change with her emotions, and since she’s the dominant one, the masculine woman cannot be calmed by her husband’s leadership, and at anytime can operate off of emotions only or can spiral out of control.

Deep down, a masculine woman does want to be loved, but her masculine energy causes her to seek or create a slave for a husband. When her slave wants real love, and seeks it with a feminine woman, the masculine woman will attempt to publicly destroy his feminine woman, AND his integrity amongst family, friends & courts… All while attempting to never let her slave have freedom or love. The masculine woman is in pain, and will become tired one day. But until that day comes, she will share that pain with everyone who accepts it.

Ladies & gentlemen, we can skip all of this! For generationally successful families, we seriously do still need marriage. But only feminine women & masculine men can live in generations of harmony, happiness & SEXY FUN!


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