1. No washing dishes
2. No thinking about dishes
3. No laundry
4. No thinking about laundry
5. No cleaning anything
6. No thinking about cleaning anything
7. No decorating
8. No thinking about decorating
You’re supposed to be relaxing in your home, not looking at details like a woman would, and preserving your masculinity for spending quality time with your family, building your family legacy, and keeping everyone protected. Get a certified wife and let the woman duties go NOW!


Men, sadly, YOU HAVE BECOME TOO DOMESTICATED, which attacks your masculinity. Blame feminism. Cleaning is a woman’s duty, and ONLY she’s the manager of the house, and should decide when and how things get done in the home; even as MAN LEADS. The home is your wife’s domain, so just relax!

Yes, there will be times when even your certified wife doesn’t manage the house as you would, and good, as that’s not even your lane! That’s where she best flourishes. Please remember that you cannot invade her position and femininity! If you try this, you are ruining her and yourself!

Instead of meddling in womanly affairs, you can take out the garbage, fix something, detail the car, mow the lawn! YES, we are serious!


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