A. Feminism convinced women that men are the enemy—and since the 1960’s, Woman has lorded over Man with a cold heart, harsh criticism and blame.

B. Feminism convinced women that they do not need men—and that lie has created decades of women who do not understand why they feel so emotionally unhappy and unfulfilled.

C. Feminism tells a woman that because a man’s Genetic Code makes him primarily sexual, that he is shallow, sexist and wrong, therefore, his needs are irrelevant and should be rebuked or ignored.

The aftermath of Feminism has left Man unwilling to commit, leaving Woman with an unquenched ache for the attention and devotion of Man; and the absolute power of Woman’s personal misery, has smothered the earth.

The only thing Feminism have ever given women, is a broken heart.

Woman cannot continually wage war with Man, and expect Him to truly love Her.

Book Excerpt from: “Why Men no Longer Love Women: Feminism, Tinder and the War on Men” By Nannette LaRee Hernandez 


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