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1. Don’t teach your daughter how to scrub her own back, ask her to call you, to do it for her. She will feel loved, see how she needs family, and her back will be cleaner too. Same thing for dresses with zippers in the back.
2. Don’t try to teach her how to protect herself, its a false sense of reality. Instead, keep her protected at all times.
3. Dont teach her how to look better at school, than at home. Instead, teach her to groom for dinner & bed.
4. Don’t leave her needing masculine love. Instead, ask her father or a male family member to take her on weekly dates, or alternate a few.
5. Don’t teach her to be a consumer, she will later repel providing men like this. Instead, teach her to save & NOT to shop for entertainment.
6. Don’t let her be loud. Masculine men won’t marry a loud woman. Instead, teach her to always practice her low, sweet voice.
7. Don’t teach her that dating is normal. Instead, teach her about the dangers of premarital parties, drinking & sex. Go to all gatherings with her, and teach her about chastity.
8. Don’t prepare her to move out once older. Instead, teach her that when she’s walked down the aisle, it will be an actual transfer of responsibility. She can move out on her wedding day.
9. Don’t teach her to speak her mind. Her thoughts, if spoken out loud, can easily embarrass and shame your family. Instead, teach her to wait, then filter her words. A wise woman knows that with time AND maturity, your mind easily changes.
10. Teach her how to clean well & how to enjoy it! In many cultures, cleaning is a form of feminine polishing. Perspective is key!
11. Much more at family meeting in New Orleans, October 5-8! RootsOfRoyals. com


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