1. Masculine men are humans, w feelings, too.
2. Sensitive inside, w a masculine, logical mind & shell.
3. Remember that mothers, then wives are a man’s inner voice.
4. A man want’s his wife to be the one person who knows how sensitive he truly is.
5. This means that women INDIRECTLY guide men in many ways. This is how we can help them to respectfully reach their fullest potential. Not, by letting them do any old foolish thing, because MAN LEADS. MAN LEADS, yes, and…
6. Healthy husbands love to serve US, too, way more than they love to serve themselves.
7. This dance, is how we reach generational success…. yin & yang in harmony.
8. Learn this dance for real at family meeting , New Orleans, October 5-8! RootsOfRoyals. com


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