Babies are to feminism what Jews were to Nazism. As a species of hate propaganda, feminist literature is remarkably resourceful in the ways that these ideologues demonize — and otherize, as post-modernists might say — all children in the womb as parasites! 

Thoughtful words from Daria DiGiovanni:

“Regardless of your position on abortion, how anyone can gleefully spin it as anything other than a tragedy for both mother and child is beyond my comprehension, especially since I know a handful of women personally who’ve been absolutely traumatized by this grisly procedure.”

This is just basic: Leave aside entirely any consideration of politics or law, and think of the dreadful human misery involved. Abortion clinics are not happy places where good things happen. It is therefore easy to understand why so many people are emotionally outspoken against abortion. What is utterly incomprehensible is how anyone other than the most heartless sadists could be passionately pro-abortion.

All abortion advocacy is extremism. It is impossible to be moderately in favor of abortion, just as it is impossible to be moderately opposed to it. Seeking a middle ground on abortion is like searching for a middle ground on slavery or genocide. It doesn’t exist, and those who wish to find it will inevitably end up in favor, and those in favor of murderous atrocities are always extremely in favor of murderous atrocities. Your acceptance — however moderate — of a deep and depraved evil, will color your soul in blackness, and send you barreling into a darkness that will utterly distort your moral compass, leading you to bow at the altar of the Culture of Death, where abortion is the highest sacrament.

Your conscience is not a lunch tray, with all of the different components separated into their own compartments. Your conscience is a bucket, and everything you dump into it will mingle and mix with everything else. The point is, if you pour an acceptance of child murder into your bucket, it will poison everything else, and soon even the good parts will be colored and tainted by your tacit endorsement of violence against the innocent. It changes you, and how you see the world. This will happen. There is no way around it. Anyone who celebrates or endorses abortion, but then pretends to recoil at any other form of murder, is lying. They are lying to themselves, and to you. They are liars, and I will call them that, without apology. – Matt Walsh


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